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Min. response time

Sometimes students accidentally click the stop button a second or two after they start their recordings. This can become frustrating b/c then they are locked out and I have to go in during an assessment. One possible solution is to require student...
Michael Young 7 months ago in Assessments 0 Shipped

The ability to more easily edit the start/due date when copying or importing an assessment

As a teacher, I need to remember to edit any assessment that is copied or imported to my classes to make it available at the correct time. Especially when copying assessments within my own account, the dates are the only part I need to edit to qui...
Sam Slagle 9 months ago in Assessments 0 Shipped

Import complete student name

Many of our students have two last names. When their names are imported, the second last name is used in Extempore as their last name, but their official last name is the first one. With this phenomenon as well as middle names sometimes being in t...
Guest 10 months ago in Classes 0 Shipped

Ability to customize response type by question

It would be useful to have the option for students to respond in a single assessment via text and recording. That way I could assess content or other knowledge in multiple ways in a single assessment, rather than having one for writing and one for...
Linda Froehlich over 1 year ago in Assessments 0 Shipped

Fix gradebook table pie chart when grading/removing feedback for last question in list

The pie chart on gradebook table should make a full green/orange circle once you provide or remove feedback from the last question in the list. Currently it updates, but doesn't make full circle.
Guest over 1 year ago in Gradebook 0 Shipped

Refactor Right Snap Component

Instead of opening right snap grader as a popup using Material Dialogs, refactor the code to include it as a child component of Gradebook component, thus enabling better component communication flow
Guest over 1 year ago in Gradebook 0 Shipped

Change assessment order

Right now the teacher side has a statement that says "You can drag and drop assessments to change their order" but this actually doesn't work. I drag and drop assignments often to change their order but they do not stay where I put them. Having th...
Edlyn Romero almost 2 years ago in Teacher Portal 1 Shipped

Have the question automatically display when grading

I'm glad to see that teachers can see the question at hand when grading, but you have to click it. Extempore at the moment involves lots of clicks, so I'm thinking the question should just automatically be displayed at the top, since I can't see a...
Weronika Trejo about 2 years ago in Grading 1 Shipped

Partially Complete

Could submissions be marked as Graded if all of the submitted assignments are graded? That would make it easier to see that a student submitted after I've graded it. Otherwise, I have to click into each individual assignment to see if it's up to d...
Weronika Trejo about 2 years ago in Grading 1 Shipped

Check assignment as complete

I find that it's a lot of clicks to just be able to say an assignment is complete without having to click through each number. I wish there was a way to see all of the students answers on one page (instead of clicking on each one), see their submi...
Weronika Trejo about 2 years ago in Gradebook / Grading 3 Shipped