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Format and space text in question text

When I type text in the Question Text to explain a prompt, I can add spaces and adjust the formatting to make it easy to read. However, in the student view, the text appears tightly together, which makes it hard for them to read and understand. It...
Megan Williams over 2 years ago in Assessments 2 Shipped

Display Question for Teachers on 'Grading' screen

Right now only the question Title and question text display for a teacher on the grading tab. This forces them to click back and forth to recall which question was being asked.
Sam Slagle over 2 years ago in Grading 2 Shipped

Disable students from being able to open a new tab

(Idea from Michael Young) By disabling students ability to open a new tab or browser during an assessment it would make it more difficult for a student to cheat by opening a new tab/browser and attempting to Google Translate the answer. This is mo...
Sam Slagle over 2 years ago in Student Portal 3 Shipped

Floating toolbar for accent marks

Adding a floating toolbar for students to select accent marks.
Sam Slagle about 2 years ago in Student Portal 1 Shipped

Mobile support for LTI integrations

We are an iPad school/district using an an LMS to sync Extempore Assignments and need to be able to sync grades back to the LMS. Currently only supported for desktop
Sam Slagle 9 months ago in Integrations 0 Shipped

'Thumbs Up' for completion

Needing to input feedback or a grade can be time consuming for completion tasks. Adding a 'Thumbs Up' would simplify completion based activities.
Guest over 2 years ago in Grading 0 Shipped

Check assignment as complete

I find that it's a lot of clicks to just be able to say an assignment is complete without having to click through each number. I wish there was a way to see all of the students answers on one page (instead of clicking on each one), see their submi...
Weronika Trejo about 2 years ago in Gradebook / Grading 3 Shipped

Adding notifcations to the app when new assignments are available, graded, or due

It would be great if students could get push notifications on their devices when assignments are made available, when feedback/grades are sent, and when assignments that haven't been completed are due soon.
Guest over 2 years ago in Mobile App 2 Shipped

The ability to more easily edit the start/due date when copying or importing an assessment

As a teacher, I need to remember to edit any assessment that is copied or imported to my classes to make it available at the correct time. Especially when copying assessments within my own account, the dates are the only part I need to edit to qui...
Sam Slagle 9 months ago in Assessments 0 Shipped

Import complete student name

Many of our students have two last names. When their names are imported, the second last name is used in Extempore as their last name, but their official last name is the first one. With this phenomenon as well as middle names sometimes being in t...
Guest 10 months ago in Classes 0 Shipped