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The ability to more easily edit the start/due date when copying or importing an assessment

As a teacher, I need to remember to edit any assessment that is copied or imported to my classes to make it available at the correct time. Especially when copying assessments within my own account, the dates are the only part I need to edit to qui...
Sam Slagle about 2 years ago in Assessments 0 Shipped

I would like the possibility of adding a LINK to a question--for example, students have to watch a YouTube video and respond.

YouTube videos are now supported. Hyperlinks will be coming with the redesign.
Guest over 2 years ago in Assessments 1 Shipped

'Time to Review' starting after student listens to Video/Audio

'Time to Review' will now begin after the student has listened to the Video/Audio Prompt. Making it so teachers no longer need to keep in mind the length of their Video/Audio recording when setting up 'Time to Review'
Sam Slagle about 4 years ago in Assessments 0 Shipped