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Created on Feb 10, 2022

Time zone setting so that assignments are available at the same time for students in different time zones

It seems that Extempore runs on the time zone that your computer recognizes. I teach remotely and my students and I are in different states and countries. If I consider my time zone, students are confused about when the assignment is due. If I use theirs, I have to figure out which zone is best for everyone. Also, I am uncertain what they see on their end. It would be nice to be able to specify and be certain.

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    Sam Slagle
    Feb 10, 2022

    Thanks for idea and I see why this would be useful for remote learners in different timezones!

    Currently, if you set the assessment StartDate to 2pm, students will be able to access the assignment at 2pm in their timezone.

    It sounds like the solution for us to consider would be adding a timezone setting for teachers when creating/editing an assessment so that teachers can mark 2pm [Timezone] so that the assessment is available at the same time for all students within the class.