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Created by Liliane Duséwoir
Created on Oct 17, 2022

Option for students matched in the same synchronous room to communicate with each other prior to assignment (to set up meeting time)

When assigning a synchronized activity, the system randomizes how students are matched. I leverage this a great feature to have students from different sections match (and given that they don't know each other, they have to truly negotiate meaning. However, given that students don't know each other and that they must communicate to agree upon a meeting time, is there a way for students matched in the same room to be able to see each other's contact information / of be able to leave messages to each other in their room chat ?

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  • Admin
    Sam Slagle
    Oct 18, 2022

    I think this is a great suggestion and something we can consider in the future. My first thought is that would could leverage our asynchronous group feature with our synchronous group feature for scheduling purposes like this. Asynchronous and synchronous groups are completely separate right now so it would take some work to tie them together but definitely a possibility!

    Example of what this could look like in the future:

    1. Create synchronous group assessment

    2. Option to allow students in the group to "chat" asynchronously

    3. When reviewing/grading teachers would see the asynchronous chat for how students communicated to align schedules as well as the synchronous recording