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Created by Keara Marie Eagan
Created on Oct 27, 2020

Allowing "review" Timer Feature to work simultaneously with media prompts

With the AP Language exams in mind, it would be helpful to have a feature where audios attached in the instructions can be played while the Extempore "Timed Review" timer is counting down.

For example, I have an audio that guides students through a cultural comparison. This audio guides students through instructions ("You now have one minute to review the instructions"), prep time ("You now have 4 minutes to prepare your answer), and "presentation time" (Press the record button now, you have 2 minutes to record your response").

From what I can see, the students can hit play, and then when it's time to record, they can hit record while the audio is still going--great. What I am realizing is the timed "review time" in Extempore will not start until the audio is completely done playing (aka, when the assessment is over)! It would be great to have at least the option for the Extempore "Timed review" feature to initiate even when an audio is playing.

I think this would open the door a lot for AP Language teachers and students to use resources they already have in a more fluid way without having to do the work of editing audios to fit this platform.

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  • Admin
    Sam Slagle
    Mar 4, 2022

    Workaround until this feature is made available to allow students to replay the prompt multiple times while still making it a single attempt question

    Set Time to Review to "No" > Set a Time to Respond > Set Allow Re-Record to "No"

    This will allow students to replay the prompt as many times as they would like and because it is Single Attempt, they cannot leave the question without submitting or they will be locked out.

  • Admin
    Sam Slagle
    Oct 28, 2020

    Thanks for the idea Keara and providing an example! This is actually exactly how the timers used to function on Extempore and the change to make timers start after the Video/Audio ends was added in March due to it being a common request. We're going to start exploring an AP specific setup option that would do something like this!

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