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Categories Assessments
Created by Holly Strand
Created on Mar 20, 2023

Timer to edit response for writing prompts

This feature would help ELL with identifying and correcting errors on Extempore.

Additional timer for writing responses that enables a time to edit their response. It would be nice if the teacher could determine if the prompt will show/not show during this time as well. I also envision teachers being able to see the written response before and after the edits are made. Defined editing time, apart from the response time, will help in instances where teachers want to see what the student can produce in a given amount of time and what they know how to self-correct.


  1. Teacher creates a written response question

  2. Teacher adds response time

  3. NEW Teacher has option to "Allow Student Editing"

  4. NEW Teacher sets time limit for students to edit after the response time ends

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