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Categories Gradebook
Created by Holly Strand
Created on Jun 15, 2023

Assessment level report of navigation warnings by student

Although teachers can pop through each question and see which question has navigation warnings, it's more challenging for them to get a complete picture of the total times a student left an assessment or how many students received navigation warnings in an assessment. It would be nice to have the option on assessments that include single attempt question to pull a report of navigation warnings. For example, the teacher might click the three dots on the assessment title in the grade book as if they were going to edit the assessment. A button would show something like "report" or "navigation warnings". After clicking on that button a chart would display with the student names on the left and questions along the top with a box with a number in it that indicates the number of navigation warnings received on that question. The final box would reflect the total number of navigation warnings received. Option to download report would be helpful as well.

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