Ability to Assign Assessments to Individual Students

Right now any assessment is available to everyone in the class. There are times when one student might need a different time limit than others.

If some students didn't complete an assessment there would be less confusion when making the assessment available again for everyone.

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exclude some students from an assessment

exclude absent students or students who don't need access

Idea 1:

  • When parameters are expanded from CreateSkill provide an option to "Exclude Students"

  • Teachers select "Exclude Students" to display a table of students w/ checkboxes

  • Teacher unchecks students who should be excluded and saves

  • Gradebook UI would need an indicator for students not assigned

Idea 2:

  1. Replace "Next" button from CreateExercise to "Assign"

  2. Selecting "Assign" opens popup with checkbox options

    1. Assign to all students within [class]

    2. Assign to only some students with [class]

      1. Display student list to uncheck students from being assigned

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  • May 5 2020
  • Planned