Check assignment as complete

I find that it's a lot of clicks to just be able to say an assignment is complete without having to click through each number. I wish there was a way to see all of the students answers on one page (instead of clicking on each one), see their submissions, then either input a total score or a check as complete that would give them all of the points for the assignment.

  • Weronika Trejo
  • Dec 1 2020
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  • Admin
    Sam Slagle commented
    23 Apr, 2021 01:41pm

    Thanks! This is planned as part of our redesign efforts this next year.

  • Linda Froehlich commented
    22 Apr, 2021 09:48pm

    I agree--the way you move from one question to another is cumbersome.

  • Florencia Henshaw commented
    25 Dec, 2020 04:05pm

    I agree that there should be an option for holistic grading of an assignment (as opposed to having to assign a numeric score to each question). Right now, I have an assignment that is "credit/no credit" (1 or 0 -- they get "1" if they answered all of the questions) and there is no way for me to enter that in the gradebook, as far as I can tell.