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Allow students to view rubrics before attempting the speaking and writing tasks.
Guest 7 days ago in Rubrics 1 Already exists

Video feedback option to insert feedback at specific points

Allow teachers to provide feedback to students when they submit videos. Allowing teachers to pause the video when they hear or see (ASL) an error and can give students immediate feedback at the "time" in the video.
Guest 18 days ago in Grading 0

Add more criterion on rubrics

Hello! I wish we could add more than 5 criterion when creating our rubrics AND that each criterion could be worth more than 10 points. :)
Ana Diaz 2 months ago in Rubrics 0

Ethiopian Airlines Washington, DC, office

No description provided
bernard cassin01 24 days ago in Gradebook 0

Allow Auto Grading for Short Written Responses

For example, if the teacher wants to have students transcribe a word, the teacher knows what the correct answer should be. Allow teachers to determine the correct answer for short typed responses so that they grade automatically.
Sam Slagle over 2 years ago in Grading 5

Create new rubrics

I wish we could create a rubrics and save them for future use WITHOUT having to create an assignment.
Ana Diaz 27 days ago in Rubrics 1 Already exists

How to Create the Trend Micro Login Account?

Trend Micro is your ultimate shield from all sorts of online threats. Furthermore, having a cloud-based antivirus program would assist individual systems in hosting large antivirus software solutions as they won't slow down. You can also establish...
Trend Micro Login 28 days ago in Gradebook 0

Have Proficiency Based Grading Scale Available in Rubrics Instead of Numbers

As districts switch from traditional grades to competency-based grades, it would be helpful to mark students in terms of their proficiency level instead of a numeric score. Instead of 0-10 the breakdown would be No Evidence, In Progress, Partially...
Sarah Desaulniers over 2 years ago in Grading / Rubrics 3

Find Airlines Offices And Contact Details is an online resource for corporate air travel. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for corporate travelers to help them make the best decisions when it comes to air travel. We provide information on ...
Guest 29 days ago in Gradebook 0

The ability to release responses back to students all at once

Sometimes I want my students to use Extempore for practice so that both they and I can listen to their recordings. Currently it seems that the only way for me to give my students access to listen to their recordings is if I go through each student...
Michael Young 2 months ago in Grading 3 Already exists