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Status Shipped
Categories Grading
Created by Megan Williams
Created on Jan 8, 2021

View written feedback while recording audio feedback

Many times, when I want to give feedback to a student, I first listen to their response and take notes in the written comments box. Then, I click on audio to record myself giving audio feedback to help students hear the correct pronunciation of the words they had trouble with. Currently, there is no way to "move" the audio feedback window, on the screen and this window hides the written comments box on the main Extempore screen under the student sample. So what I've been doing is having to open a "notes" page on my computer and copy and paste the words I want to review in order to view these words while I record my audio feedback. It would be really helpful to be able to move the audio feedback window (left to right and up and down) and even change the window's size so that I could view the written feedback that I have already noted WHILE I am recording my audio feedback. Or perhaps add the written feedback comment box to the audio feedback window itself so that it could be viewed together?

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