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Top Python Course Training Institute in NCR

Data Patrons is an Edu-tech company for professional and higher education. It offers programs in business analytics, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive modelling etc. Data Patrons offers these educational courses p...
Guest 4 days ago in Classes 0

Turkish Airlines Miami Office

Turkish Airlines Miami Office For our travelers who are looking to book a flight with Turkish Airlines, look no further than the Miami office. Located near the bustling Port of Miami and just a short drive from the South Beach area, this office en...
richard ggH 28 days ago in Classes 0

Ability to delete/archive assessments without first deleting or grading each student response

Sometimes an extempore will be assigned with the main purpose of increasing on task behavior, but due to limited instructor time, the instructor may not to grade every assignment like this. To de-clutter the Classes, Grading and Gradebook pages it...
Mike Braden almost 3 years ago in Classes 1

An easier way for teachers to move students between classes

As a teacher with block scheduling and 2 terms, we often have kids switching blocks at the term change. Currently students are only able to change classes within the first 30-days of enrolling in the first class. Current solution: Teacher shares n...
Sam Slagle 12 months ago in Classes 0

Special armour combo | all essentials in one pack

Body armour is a section in which no one can compromise. If one has to buy, they should make sure that every item of protection bought must be of good quality and without any defect. Especially, when it comes to Tactical plate carriers where every...
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Transfer students (and their data) to new class

While it is currently not possible to adjust time settings for a single student (for 504/iep accommodations), I am creating a separate 504/iep class for those students for when I do timed assessments and would need to adjust settings. I already st...
Megan Williams about 2 years ago in Classes 0