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QuickBooks audit trail

All of the records of the modifications you have made to your QuickBooks company data file are kept in the audit trail feature. You can keep a permanent record of who makes changes to QuickBooks by using an audit trail. If you don't know how to us...
Guest 24 days ago in Mobile App 0

Auto close video prompt when finished

My students seem to not understand they have to close my video prompt to be able to then start recording their own video responses. This is resulted in many students not having enough time to record complete responses.
Guest over 2 years ago in Mobile App 0

Push Notifications

Push notifications when: Group member responds to group activity An assessment is active Grades/Feedback provided
Sam Slagle almost 3 years ago in Mobile App 0

Disable iPad keyboard

Would it be possible to have a keyboard that is to be used in the app and disables the use of the iPad keyboard? I'm finding students change the iPad keyboard language to Spanish, start typing the vocabulary word, and wait for the auto suggested w...
Weronika Trejo over 2 years ago in Mobile App 0

Unlocking on iPhone

For some reason on my iPhone I am unable to unlock and reset attempts. having that ability from phone would be nice.
Guest over 2 years ago in Mobile App 0