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Disable students from being able to open a new tab

(Idea from Michael Young) By disabling students ability to open a new tab or browser during an assessment it would make it more difficult for a student to cheat by opening a new tab/browser and attempting to Google Translate the answer. This is mo...
Sam Slagle over 2 years ago in Student Portal 3 Shipped

Floating toolbar for accent marks

Adding a floating toolbar for students to select accent marks.
Sam Slagle about 2 years ago in Student Portal 1 Shipped

Adding notifcations to the app when new assignments are available, graded, or due

It would be great if students could get push notifications on their devices when assignments are made available, when feedback/grades are sent, and when assignments that haven't been completed are due soon.
Guest over 2 years ago in Mobile App 2 Shipped

Grading each student for multiple assignments

It would help to be able to click on the same of a student and have access to the results of all the assignments he/she did. For example, it's easier to check if a student actually did their assignments.
Helene Orvoen about 2 years ago in Student Portfolio 1 Shipped

Provide shareable links for each assignment

Google classroom acts as our “hub” for assignments and resources and I find it easiest to keep all of our assignments in one place where students can easily link to the exact assignment that they are searching for. Other platforms such as EdPuzzle...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Student Portal 1 Shipped